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Aus-Nurses is the Australia’s leader in online healthcare and nursing recruitment advertising. We are dedicated to helping registered nurses and. nursing graduates achieve their dreams of a nursing career in Australia.

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Our experienced team is committed to ethical, best practice nursing by improving the working lives of our candidates and diversifying staffing models for our clients. That (and more) is what makes Aus-Nurses a leading job portal and the Fastest-Growing Nursing platform in Australia.

We offer a wealth of services through our assignment support. Clients and candidates thrive through job portal because we're dedicated to delivering an end-to-end service.

Do you prefer a rural or urban setting? Do you want a career in a hospital or post-acute care facility? Aus-Nurses takes pride in the community we build to support our nurses while helping you grow and build your career and a life you love. Learn more about Aus-Nurses Jobs.

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